Eve Fowler.

I’ve been thinking about added text into my work again, I did use text within a few of my zines but as I’m not displaying them for my end of year show I’ve been thinking about using the text from the zines and using it in my screen prints.

I really enjoy how Eve Fowler used text within her work, with the bright background and clear black text on top of it.



Material Project. (painting from collage.)

As I already enjoy and practice collage but never paint I thought that the painting to collage material project would be a good chose, painting is something I’ve never excelled in but something I would like to explore.  
Within our first workshop we were given the task of making 15 collages. For my subject work I’ve been looking into untraditional portrait so I made each of my collages a portrait of myself, in a non-obvious way. Each piece tells a story  about me or an event in my life.

Along with painting from the collages im thinking about working with screen printing to.