Clarence John Laughlin. [Portraiture – Richard Brilliant.]



Andy Warhol. [Portraiture – Richard Brilliant.]


The sixteen Jackies (above) created in 1964 and it was Andy Warhol’s reaction to the assassination of President Kennedy the year before. I really find this piece intriguing, I’ve always enjoyed Warhol’s screen printing and have used his work as inspiration many times before. Warhol selected eight photographs from the assassination that had been used within the media to cover the story about the new widow.


Marcel Duchamp. [Portraiture – Richard Brilliant.]

Wanted $2,000 Reward, 1923.


Duchamp was a joke notice designed for the tourists in New York. With two headshots of himself on a poster, he had created the alter ego Rrose Sélavy.

challenged traditional conceptions of the creative process.

Duchamp is an artist that I’m always researching, the first pieces of his I deserved was his 1917 fountain back in high school and still to this day I am unsure about ready-made art but, I have always been inspired by how he pushed the boundaries and it’s undeniable he changed the way people think and see art today.

I cant really say much more about this pices as im not really using it for insprosion, i just think its kinda cool.

Subject. week five, term three.

Final back in the print room.


After thinking about what I want to put up for the assessment and end of year show. I want to stick with and carry on with the work I used for the welcome house and Swine exhibition. I wanted to play around with colours and backgrounds but keep the original images I used for the past exhibitions. As I’ve been think about the way art is shown and how we’re all made it think that art is made for the viewer and not the artist, I took the image of the roses and used white ink and print onto white ink, doing this you can only see the work at a certain angle and at a first look just looking like a plan piece of paper.

Candy Chang.

After searching the library with the faint idea of using secrets I final came across Candy Chang’s book ‘I’ve Lived: Post-It Notes for Neighbors’. Not knowing much about Chang’s work I differently wanted to know much after finding out she works with confessions.

Chang asked people to write down private secrets and personal facts that they would usually share with others because of the fear of embarrassment or criticism. I found the outcomes of chang’s work interesting, some of the things people are shocking and sometimes just funny.


If it wasnt so close to the deadline I would have really liked to do something similar but when thinking about it I don’t really know if anyone would take part, I might take the ideas I have now and knowing about chang’s work into my thired year.

With the work, I’m doing now obversely I’ll be working with my own confessions and secrters but it would be interesting to work with others.