Pembrokeshire Trip

When I found out I was put on the field project ‘things behind the sun’ which mainly revolves around drawing. To start odd we when on a four-day trip to Pembrokeshire and stayed at the YHA Pwll Derl. Monday 17th October to Thursday 20th October, we were set various tasks including completing 100 observation drawings of the landscape around us. I had mixed feelings about the trip, excited about going away for a few days out of the city yet dreading spending such a long time drawing. I have never really got much enjoyment out of drawing, as its not one of my strong points and I feel a lot of presser when  made to do it, but the end of the three days I almost started to enjoy it. We were also set other bigger tasks which really disinterested me.

We were asked to complete three panoramic observational drawings, where we had to sit in one spot and spin 360 stopping four times to draw the landscapes, along with this we were asked to do a series of micro and macro studies.

Even with a mix of high winds, cold air, uncomfortable sitting situations and losing my first piece of work to the wind I did end up finding some enjoyment in the takes.

In all I really found the trip memorable and inspiration and I feel I have built up a few skills I lacked before.



After choosing an artifact, we did a workshop where everyone stuck their chosen pieces on the wall all around the room. We all went from one  piece to another and did an observational drawing about each piece. I really enjoyed the workshop I took a lot from the observations and feedback I was given. My plans are to research and experiment with the techniques and notes people made about Mark Wallingers ID.

My Observation:

One thing that a few people mentioned how Wallingers work resembles Rorschach ink blot tests, which is something i would like to look into and research.

Mark Wallinger’s ID

To start off our subject work we had to identify an artefact, object or image from a museum or gallery, that inspires us to start off our body of work. It took me a good few weeks to pick a piece of work I wanted to work from, I looked through all my old photo from gallery and museum trips, When I came across my photos From  Wallinger’s ID exhibition at the Hauer and Wirth contemporary art gallery, I remembered how the exhibition really caught my eye. The scale of his work and the size of the room really blow me away. Each individual was  astounding but as a whole.

To start off i wanted to make a few of my own replications of Mark Wallingers work before moving into larger-scale pieces. Like Wallinger, I took hand fulls of paint and drew symmetrical lines, overlapping, smearing and making marks with my fingertips. Mark making and using my own body to draw is something I’ve never explored before.

When i saw Mark Wallingers id in person at the Hauser & Wirth gallery in London, the first thing people seemed to do is find objects within his work, i could see : scarab beetles, human bodies, skulls and animals. Looking  back I remember being mesmerized by the summary and scale. The canvas used were exactly measure twice Wallingers own height and arm span.

Looking further into Wallingers work, id is a exploration of Freud’s interpretation of id and ego, Wallinger is somehow a highly intimate self-portraits.



noun: id; plural noun: ids
  1. the part of the mind in which innate instinctive impulses and primary processes are manifest.

    “the conflict between the drives of the id and the demands of the cultural superego”

Sarah Louise and the pubic hair dress.

Sarah Louise Become well know for her dress made out of skittles. Now she has gone on to making an outfit out of other peoples pubic hair, donated to her over a six months period. After going to social media she had thousands of responses negative and positive. Her goal is to make the most vile and disgusting dress and has no plan on shopping.

I think in this era and generation people especially women are made to think pubic hair is dirty and should be removed no matter what. I believe it’s just another thing woman are expected to change for men.

Even as a young teen other girls would talk about how boys would never like a girl who has natural pubic hair and would completely shave even when that weren’t sexually active, this like they thought guys would just be repelled by what’s going on under a girls short?

Leg hair, arm hair, armpit hair, pubic hair should be allowed in any form, colour or even length. May men are free to go without shaving anything. In magazine you can easily find photos of men with hairy chest or armpit hair and a beard but within the same magazine you only see woman of they body hair removed or photoshopped off.

Carina Ubeda.

Because of an allergy Ubeda had to use sanitary cloth and instead of tossing them aside, Ubeda decided to collect the souled fabric and has been for the last five years. Within Ubeda’s exhibition entitled ‘cloth’, 90 used sanitary rages with words like “destroyed” and “production” were embroidered into them and hung up stretched inside embroidery hoops along side rotten apples, symbolising ovulation.

Within Ubeda’s exhibition entitled ‘cloth’, 90 used sanitary rages with words like “destroyed” and “production” were embroidered into them and hung up stretched inside embroidery hoops along side rotten apples, symbolising ovulation.

Some have labelled Ubeda’s art as disgusting. One visitor said “Male blood is celebrated for being brave while our is a shame.”

With a lot of thing women are made to feel ashamed of menstruation is one of the main ones. It’s something taboo, in my 21 years on earth and 6 years menstruating myself I’ve never came across a male who is confutable talking or even acknowledge it. But saying this ice found even some women won’t openly talk about it even when it’s happens to pretty much ever female over the age of 15 and happens ever four weeks. I just can’t get my head around how something that is completely natural is such a taboo.


Are sex tapes a form of art?

A thought a needed to get out –
After I long talk with a few other girls about fame, wanted to explore celebrity hyper culture and the unconventional ways the people can become famous, sex tapes. I honestly have mixed feelings when comes to sex tapes, leaked or privet. On one hand I believe a legal consenting adult should be allowed to do wherever they want within they sex life as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone in the progress. But on the other side, WHY? Why do people feel the need to make a sex tape in the first place. maybe I’m being a prude because I just don’t understand it but that is beside the point. Sex tapes especially celebrity sex tape can either make or break a person and why? sex is sex you do it, I do it and your parent for sure did it at least once so what is the big deal. Someone should be allowed to express themselves within any form they want and if a consenting adult believe making a sex tape will somehow better themselves then who am I to stop them.

One of the most talked about and famous family around the world is the Kardashian family and I wholly believe that the only reason any of them are famous is because of one of the sisters, Kim Kardashian’s infamous sex tapes with Ray J in 2003 and leaked in 2007. But at the end of the day I think if people decide to make sex tapes they have to be prepared for it to be leaked, shared and even go viral.

But anyway who am I just pass judgment?
Is it bad to profit off something that was shared and leaked without the person consent?

I want to look into the topic a little more and maybe incorporate it into my work somehow.