Summative Assessment.


Artist statement.

1. Site specific – Welcome house.
2. Swine.
3. Welcome house.
4. Ideas.
5. Flights

1. Van Gogh.
2.Martina Bacigalupo.
3.Lee Price.
4.Sarah Maple.

5.Candy Chang.


Set up – End of year show.

I’ve taken some time to think about how I’m going to display my work and which pieces I want to use. I’ve chosen I few that I use for my Swine exhibition, a few that didn’t make it into my previous exhibitions and a couple new pieces.  I really enjoyed the layout that I used before, using different levels and putting my work into blocks but I’m not sure if it’ll work within the space I’ve been given.

Eve Fowler.

I’ve been thinking about added text into my work again, I did use text within a few of my zines but as I’m not displaying them for my end of year show I’ve been thinking about using the text from the zines and using it in my screen prints.

I really enjoy how Eve Fowler used text within her work, with the bright background and clear black text on top of it.


Artist statement.

Throughout the year I’ve been exploring the idea of abstract and untraditional portraits, along with this I’ve also been working with the idea of telling a story through my artwork and if it’s necessary for the viewer to understand what’s being said and can the artwork be for the artist alone and not for the viewer. I’ve been testing out the concept of making art whilst under certain conditions and portraying emotions. I’ve worked with assorted mediums, collages, zines and printing and I was attached to screen printing to stimulate the audience through imagery and colours.