Set up – End of year show.

I’ve taken some time to think about how I’m going to display my work and which pieces I want to use. I’ve chosen I few that I use for my Swine exhibition, a few that didn’t make it into my previous exhibitions and a couple new pieces.  I really enjoyed the layout that I used before, using different levels and putting my work into blocks but I’m not sure if it’ll work within the space I’ve been given.


Artist statement.

Throughout the year I’ve been exploring the idea of abstract and untraditional portraits, along with this I’ve also been working with the idea of telling a story through my artwork and if it’s necessary for the viewer to understand what’s being said and can the artwork be for the artist alone and not for the viewer. I’ve been testing out the concept of making art whilst under certain conditions and portraying emotions. I’ve worked with assorted mediums, collages, zines and printing and I was attached to screen printing to stimulate the audience through imagery and colours.

Subject. week five, term three.

Final back in the print room.


After thinking about what I want to put up for the assessment and end of year show. I want to stick with and carry on with the work I used for the welcome house and Swine exhibition. I wanted to play around with colours and backgrounds but keep the original images I used for the past exhibitions. As I’ve been think about the way art is shown and how we’re all made it think that art is made for the viewer and not the artist, I took the image of the roses and used white ink and print onto white ink, doing this you can only see the work at a certain angle and at a first look just looking like a plan piece of paper.

3am thoughts.

Making art as an artist for myself the artist, does making artwork necessarily always have to be for an audience?  Or can the presses just be as important? This year I’ve been thinking of about it, but I never really thought to write it down on my blog or if it’s even relevant to the work and making that I was putting my final show.  Once a work is placed on a wall is the artist even necessarily anymore? I’ll be personally content with keeping it for myself and I don’t necessarily feel like I need to show it off but yes, I’m am a university student and yes I do need to show it but it what would happen if you didn’t show the final piece.

and just saved it for myself when I’m the one who knows the thought process and all the work that has gone into it.

I have been thinking about this throughout this year and it’s only recently starting to become and actual idea but I feel like its gotten to the point where it’s too late to do anything with it, but I came bring it with me into my final year as its something I feel could potentially interesting to research and work with.

I’m hoping to use my summer break in-between my second and third year to research and see if anyone well-known artists have used similar ideas within their work because personally, I can’t think of any artists that have mentioned anything similar.

I’ve heard about artworks being found after the artist have passed way, something half finished and some was never meant to be seen by the public but what if the art is made specidicall not to be seen? and could the process be enough?


I randomly had an idea, after coming to the decision are start being less hidden behind my work I wanted to go completely out there and tell the world who I am…  My plan is to draw out a ‘Hello I’m’ name tag out and to write little things about myself and use them in the final year show. I’m not really sure how it’s come out if once is finished ill even want to show them to others.
I’m hoping to use screen print to mess produce the name tags and then hand writing the actual things about myself and make it my personal.

Paper marbling.

Something just don’t work out –

I’ve never really use backgrounds for my prints but since the prints, i did for the site-specific and the swine exhibition I wanted to do a little more experimenting with different colour, textures and patterns. I’ve seen paper marbling being used before but I haven’t given it a go since primary school. Maybe I didn’t buy the right inks but it just didn’t come out right. I picked the inks because of their colour, I wanted to use colours that would work well with the colours I had already used within my work. Once dry the inks had faded and there was glitter everywhere, when using the inks to draw with their came out bring and metallic and obviously, they just weren’t right for water marbling.

I’m hoping to give it another try but with an actual paper marbling kit because, I did like the effect the inks made on the paper it just wasn’t bright enough. I may or may not use what I’ve made as a background for my future prints, ill probably just do I little test to see what it looks like and if it’s worth continuing

fuck it, breakdowns and epiphanies.

the idea of telling the truth, things society has always told us to keep thing deep down and away from people. I’ve always found telling the truth and something even being overly open helps with stress relief and as I’ve started about more open I don’t only find it easier to talk about my problems but it has helped with my mental health, but I’ve never taken that step forward with my work and I’ve only come to realise it.

I’ve always known my current feelings have an impact on my work and I’ve always found too hard not to make the work about how I’m feeling or going through but I feel like I’ve come to a point within my practice and my life in general where I feel comfortable with just saying FUCK IT, this is me this is how I am feeling and this is my work! And I can do whatever the fuck I want to! Surly I shouldn’t have to hide how I am feeling within my work or to sugar coat it for others.

I’ve been working with the idea of untraditional portraits for a while now and I’ve been using topics that are personal and importance to me been I’ve been trying to keep the underlying topics a secret from the viewer and in some since I understand why and in some I, don’t.

But it’s time for a chance and maybe sometime good had final come from this year. it’s not a new idea but it’s a new me.

I’m ready to make some possibly controversial work and I’m ready for there to be negative feedback but I am also ready to start doing work for myself and no one else… if the work makes me happy I’m prepared for the everything.