Field reflection.

After both field projects this year I still have mixed feelings about it all and I can’t say I really enjoyed either of the projects from this year.

After finding out that I hadn’t been selected for my 1st 2nd or 3rd choice and had been putting into the groups I specifically said I didn’t want to,  I still wanted to give it all again and try and make it work for me.

Things behind the sun definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone and I did like to some other work that I made in response to the project and I could see the small link being made into my subject work. The project did make me a little bit more confident with drawing and it did inspire me to use drawing within my own practice again.

But apart from the things behind the sun Project I can’t really see anything else had taken from the field projects to use in my own practice and within the subject work.

When it came to the monsters is  the secret father I can’t really say that I have taking anything from the project as I’ve not particularly learnt anything new to use and along with this I didn’t particularly enjoy it any of the project or the outcomes from the project.

I feel it’s a shame that I haven’t been influenced by my field projects at all within my subject work but then with the lack of enjoyment I had her out my second field project it did push me to work with the things that I do enjoy and it did teach me about the way that I work.


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