Candy Chang.

After searching the library with the faint idea of using secrets I final came across Candy Chang’s book ‘I’ve Lived: Post-It Notes for Neighbors’. Not knowing much about Chang’s work I differently wanted to know much after finding out she works with confessions.

Chang asked people to write down private secrets and personal facts that they would usually share with others because of the fear of embarrassment or criticism. I found the outcomes of chang’s work interesting, some of the things people are shocking and sometimes just funny.


If it wasnt so close to the deadline I would have really liked to do something similar but when thinking about it I don’t really know if anyone would take part, I might take the ideas I have now and knowing about chang’s work into my thired year.

With the work, I’m doing now obversely I’ll be working with my own confessions and secrters but it would be interesting to work with others.


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