3am thoughts.

Making art as an artist for myself the artist, does making artwork necessarily always have to be for an audience?  Or can the presses just be as important? This year I’ve been thinking of about it, but I never really thought to write it down on my blog or if it’s even relevant to the work and making that I was putting my final show.  Once a work is placed on a wall is the artist even necessarily anymore? I’ll be personally content with keeping it for myself and I don’t necessarily feel like I need to show it off but yes, I’m am a university student and yes I do need to show it but it what would happen if you didn’t show the final piece.

and just saved it for myself when I’m the one who knows the thought process and all the work that has gone into it.

I have been thinking about this throughout this year and it’s only recently starting to become and actual idea but I feel like its gotten to the point where it’s too late to do anything with it, but I came bring it with me into my final year as its something I feel could potentially interesting to research and work with.

I’m hoping to use my summer break in-between my second and third year to research and see if anyone well-known artists have used similar ideas within their work because personally, I can’t think of any artists that have mentioned anything similar.

I’ve heard about artworks being found after the artist have passed way, something half finished and some was never meant to be seen by the public but what if the art is made specidicall not to be seen? and could the process be enough?


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