Paper marbling.

Something just don’t work out –

I’ve never really use backgrounds for my prints but since the prints, i did for the site-specific and the swine exhibition I wanted to do a little more experimenting with different colour, textures and patterns. I’ve seen paper marbling being used before but I haven’t given it a go since primary school. Maybe I didn’t buy the right inks but it just didn’t come out right. I picked the inks because of their colour, I wanted to use colours that would work well with the colours I had already used within my work. Once dry the inks had faded and there was glitter everywhere, when using the inks to draw with their came out bring and metallic and obviously, they just weren’t right for water marbling.

I’m hoping to give it another try but with an actual paper marbling kit because, I did like the effect the inks made on the paper it just wasn’t bright enough. I may or may not use what I’ve made as a background for my future prints, ill probably just do I little test to see what it looks like and if it’s worth continuing


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