fuck it, breakdowns and epiphanies.

the idea of telling the truth, things society has always told us to keep thing deep down and away from people. I’ve always found telling the truth and something even being overly open helps with stress relief and as I’ve started about more open I don’t only find it easier to talk about my problems but it has helped with my mental health, but I’ve never taken that step forward with my work and I’ve only come to realise it.

I’ve always known my current feelings have an impact on my work and I’ve always found too hard not to make the work about how I’m feeling or going through but I feel like I’ve come to a point within my practice and my life in general where I feel comfortable with just saying FUCK IT, this is me this is how I am feeling and this is my work! And I can do whatever the fuck I want to! Surly I shouldn’t have to hide how I am feeling within my work or to sugar coat it for others.

I’ve been working with the idea of untraditional portraits for a while now and I’ve been using topics that are personal and importance to me been I’ve been trying to keep the underlying topics a secret from the viewer and in some since I understand why and in some I, don’t.

But it’s time for a chance and maybe sometime good had final come from this year. it’s not a new idea but it’s a new me.

I’m ready to make some possibly controversial work and I’m ready for there to be negative feedback but I am also ready to start doing work for myself and no one else… if the work makes me happy I’m prepared for the everything.


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