Lee Price.

self-portraits and binge-eating.

After feeling a little stuck with my artist research I did something I probably shouldn’t of but now I’m so glad I did.  Last year I got penalized in my assessment as I would simply search for artists online by googling key words from my practice and only find people that were working with a similar topic to mine. Now I stay away form the internet for artist research and rely on the lirberay and exhiobions, but for once, i needed a little help from my good old friend Google.

I can remember what I actually googled but I did come across an artist that’s work really intreged me.

Lee Price, an American artist the paints incredibly realistic self-portraits that portray her binge-eating. As ive been working with self-portraits and I have also dealt with binge-eating her work really hit home.

“When I’m having difficulties in my life food is still how I deal with things” – Lee Price

I honestly think her work is amazing no only because of her pure talent but the topics brought up within her paintings.

These paintings link quit nicely with the portract work ive been doing but also with some of the plans i have for furture work.


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