SWINE – Subject. week two, term three.

SWINE: The Exhibition


KONGS, St Mary’s Street. 5-8pm.

6 Young Artists.
3 Hours.
And a room filled with the Contemporary Art from Cardiff School of Art & Design.

SWINE envisages the current Art Scene in those about to enter its grasp. Using print-making, painting & performance; SWINE hopes to encapsulate the world of Colour, Feminism & Portraiture all under one roof.

My work:

When the swine group asked my if I would like to exhibit my work as well I was overwhelmed, It felt lovely that people thought my work was up to par but it was a lot of pressure as well. I displayed the same prints as I did in the welcome house as well as some of my work from the first year show. I felt confident in both sets of work and everyone thought they worked together well.

On the day of the exhibition, we had around four hours to sort the space out and set up everyone’s work, firstly everyone shown the work they wanted to use in the exhibition then we talked about how everything would work together and if anyone had any specific needs. We rearranged the room whilst focusing on where everything would go. in the setting up everything went smoothly and everyone was happy with their allocated space,  then it was simple to present and display the work.

Personally, I wanted to use the tiled wall for a few reasons, the first simply being I found the wall to be very aesthetically pleasing and we all thought my work would work well with the well. another reason was that of placement, I wanted set my work out similar to how I did in the welcome house but I wouldn’t everything to be perfectly straight and the reason was that  I was using sticky back velcro dots to hang up my work and we didn’t want to be ripping print of the walls.

Overall the exhibition went great and we all got really good feedback. It was such an exciting opportunity for us, especially as we did everything on our own and not through the University. We did everything from contacting the business to publicity and curating. We all came away feeling very proud of ourselves and each other.

Personal I’m really glad I did take part in, as the weeks building up the exhibition I wasn’t feeling totally happy with my work aId i needed someone to feel proud of. with the feedback, i got of others i left with a new view on my work. everything from the stickers to the DJ came togther perfact and i hope eveything came had a good night and enjoyed themselfs.

Notes from the visitor’s book:




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