Welcome house – Subject. week two, term three.

When setting up the exhibition I didn’t want my work to be displayed perectly, one of the things I wanted to do by reacting to the space was not having everything lined up and displayed like you would expect a tradition art gallery. I left everything to the eye I didn’t use a spirit level and everything., This was because of the topics I used within my work and the way I think about mental heath, nothing is perfect. Life doesn’t come with a spirit level or tape measures and life isn’t planned out. I wanted to display my work in a way in incorporates the topics that surround my work.

I really think that the colours I used worked wall with the room and I’m happy with how everything turned out.

Along with my screen prints, I followed the colour theme throughout the room and house, I took spray paint and cover windows, banister etc. Along with some unsure canvas, i had laying around.



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