Tom Phillips.

After a trip to the library I came across the artist Tom Phillips who works with altering Victorian novels. Phillips took a copy of W H Mallock’s 1892 novel he found in a charity shop, Phillips collages, painted, draw over the original pages only leaving some of the original text. Phillips begun has work on A Humument in 1960 and had his first tetred press put out of the book in 1970. followed by the first trade edition by Thames & Hudson that was published in 198, revised editions were also published in 1986, 1998, 2004 and 2012.  With each edition Phillips reworked various pages and has said his goal is to eventually revise every page from his first edition from 1970.

I saw many artists work within the library but for some reason Phillips work stood out the most. Maybe it’s his pure dedication to his work  because I’ve seen many artist use the similar technics within their work where they ‘rewrite’ stories by blocking about words and letters from a past written text and its never really taken my interest before but I think it’s more of the reworking aspect of his work that I really enjoy. I’m almost interested in taking my zine/bookbinding work in a similar way, where I do work and make copies of it and work on top of the copies till a have a series of work.



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