Key Concept.

With Jon Clarkson.
What can we learn from the history of the exhibition?

is an exhibition always:
Made public.
An argument.

and what is the future of the exhibition?

The Salon Du Louvre, Academic Royale 1785
The Royal Academy 1809

When art galleries were just starting off every inch of the walls were covered the most celebrated artists work would be shown on the on the middle section of the wall and the last prominent would be located at the hight point of the wall or at knee level.


Nowadays art galleries everything is spread out and everything is more or less set out it ‘themes’ or within the same subject matters and compositions.

Making exhibition public:
Robert Barry closed gallery pieces 1969
BarryMaria Eichhorn 5Weeks, 25Days, 175Hours  2016

Marcel Duchamp, Etant Donne 1946-66

-The viewer is part of the exhibition.

Chiharu Shiota, The key in the hand.

Claude Monet Agapanthus Triptych
Royal Academy London 195-26

Nelson Atkins Museum 1915-26

Cleveland Museum Of Art 1915-26

Virtual Exhibition, Inner Sound, Kunst Matrix 2013


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