KochxBos Gallery – Sarah Maple.

Whilst walking the streets of Amsterdam one morning I came across a tiny small self-named ‘ independent North-European low-brow / pop-surrealist gallery.’ Where I was lucky enough the catch the last couple days of the showing of Sarah Maple’s work, a young visual British artist who had been in residences at KochxBos just a few weeks before.  I was immediately amazed by her work and what she stood for.  I had already noticed some of her work dotted around the Amsterdam, small stickers on lamp posts, in doorways and more because for her exhibition at the KockxBos she had printed hundreds of posters and stickers for people to take away with the simple rule of if you take one you have to take two and share.


I’ve personal been thinking about looking into making stickers or posters of my own work as I way of exhibiting my work. Seeing someone’s work in a traditional gallery space but with the chance to take a small copy home as well was great and let’s face it, everyone loves free stuff and no one can hate on a sticker.

I’m actually really looking forward to researching Maple as an artist and having a closer look at her work along with taking inspiration for me to take forward into my own work.



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