future exhibition space.

Zines and stickers and stuff.

Whiles taking part in the zine project I’ve also been thinking about how I would get my work out into the hands of the public. Making zines would a great way to cheaply yet effectively way of creating work. Instead of the traditional way of exhibiting work I want to start looking into artists that use their art on more of a public display, like tagging, stickers and graffiti. Also known as ‘sticker bombers’ i personal know many people how have got their art/name out into the word with simple handmade stickers. I also know people that have gone about doing similar projects by just leaving art in public places and have had amazing feedback and their work has traveled around the word by doing something as simple as leaving something on a train with an email on. I’ve been thinking that my zines could be an effective media to work with and I’m hoping with a little more research I could start a project of traveling/public art (In non-illegal ways).


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