The Monster is His Secret Father. Final week.

To be honest I don’t think I’ve learnt much for partaking in this project, I’ve mostly realised that I really don’t like working in a group when it comes to making art work.

Working in collaboration isn’t something I’d choose to do again in the future. I find it hard working as a group because I can’t control the outcome of the work.

Within the making of the work I had a few roles but mostly my main role was taking everyone’s ideas and combining everything into one final goal, along with drawing logos and screen printing.

I believe we used the high street Arcade space we’ll and the placement actually added to the piece as a whole.

The overall outcome of the work was ok but it’s very far from what I would of made if I wasn’t part of a group and if I was to start the project again I’d work solo.

overall I’m really proud of our work and how anything turned out. it looked great within the space and it was obviously eye-catching as we saw countless people take a good look at our work through the window as they walked past.


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