The Monster is His Secret Father. Week two.

To start the ball rolling we put our self into small groups and started to draw out our ideas. Me and two other girls had similar ideas and wanted to look closing into the issues and problems surrounding social media and what it means to people nowadays.

With this idea I wanted to talk about how many people in 2017 are almost addictive to social media. Personal I know many people that can’t go a day without updated they Instagram or Snapchat and will go out of they way to take a social media worthy photo.
With these quite doodles I was trying to show how a lot of people almost seem like they live for likes or retweets and how people can get so much pleasure from something so simple and meaningless as social media.

Trying to incorporate all of our ideas, we started to design a ‘social media monster’ to use within our work. We took all the different images and put them together. We also decided to use screen printing to bring our ideas across to others.


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