The Monster is His Secret Father. Week one.

“The monster does not need the hero. it is the hero who needs him for his very existence. When the hero confronts the monster, he has yet neither power nor knowledge, the monster is his secret father who will invest him with a power and knowledge that can belong to one man only, and that only the monster can give” – Robert Calasso

For our first week we simply talked about our thoughts on the topic and our takes on the Robert Calasso’s quote. 
To be a hero we all need monsters to fight against.
I, Daniel Blake-

I, Daniel Blake was an incredible and gripping film about the benefits system within the UK. It was extremely thought perceiving and alot of the topics hit very close to home and at points it was hard to sit though, but overall the subject matter at hand needed to be talked about and the daily struggles of someone like Daniel Blake needs to be brought to the public eye. 


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