Reflective Text for Constellation.

Starting off my constellation module Goddesses and Monsters’ I was looking forward to looking further into glamor and the grotesque and the embodiment of such within visual culture.

Firstly we looked into gender ideologies and the undertones of glamour and the challenges and stereotypical notions of attraction and beauty. We also addressed the grotesque within the body and characteristics of the monstrous identity. We studied the visual culture of the physical form. The case studies Include: The horror genre, 1930s Hollywood stardom, gender within surrealism, Alexander McQueen and many more.

To start off the five-week courses we had an introduction into the constructions of gender representation and glamour, we then looking into gender and material embodiment, Freud, surrealism and fetishism.for the third week we looked further into the grotesque monstrosity and the corporeal embodiment. Furthermore we looking in more depth monstrosity, abjection and gender and to finish the module we looked into Francis Bacon and Alexander McQueen.

In one of the constellation lecture we looking into Salvador Dali’s ‘Venus De Milo with Drawers’, which happens to be one of my favorite sculptures and I’m hoping to researching into the pieces further for my essay , I’m also interested in male anxieties especially male castration fear. So I’m planning on writing about the links using Freudian concepts.


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