The royal academy of arts London. 30/11/16

At the RA I only found two artists pieces of work practical helpful and both, I can see similarities from within my own practice

the first artist I found to be helpful was Willem De Kooning and his 1950 collage. Kooning was one of the most prominent and celebrated of the abstract expressionist painters with an abstract style of expression, surrealism and cubism.

I feel this piece support my work from my material project ‘painting from collage’. In person you can clearly the textures and layers within the artwork, which is something I’ve meant experiment with.

The second piece is Clyfford Still’s Ph-401. The abstract expressionist has a ultimate act of control. I found this painting also links in with my material  research project, I believe has work resembles ripped paper and I often use the rough edges of ripped paper within my work.



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