Key Concept Lectures (James Green)

Over the past few weeks, this key concept lecture has been most useful and helpful within my own practices. The one artist that stood out the most was Mimmo Rotella and I’m hoping to look further into his work. 
Rotella worked with decollage which is in fact the opposite of collage, with college an image is usually built up out of already existing images or materials, mostly cut or torn which takes away from the original image or materials used. In Rotellas work he actually took away layers and layers from overlapping posters from city walls, where posters had been layered one on top of another over time. Rotella ripped and removed certain parts and layers to reveal and entirely different and new image altogetherI’ve never come across Rotellas work before and I wish I had done sooner as in my first year of studying fine art I when on a trip to Venice, Italy and after a night out on the walk home I started ripping posters off of the city walls and kept them. At the time I had no idea that decollaging was a thing and I’m happy that I kept some of the posters I collected and I now feel like using them within my work. I’m hoping to give decollaging ago, I thinking about taking some of my own collages and working with them by taking away layers. 


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