(Field) Printing Workshop.

I picked the print workshop with Laura because print is something I’m comfortable with and I had already thought about using some of my drawings and taking them further with screen printing. The printing we ended up doing wasn’t something I enjoyed and struggled with. I haven’t been happy with any of my outcomes or the actual action of making the work either. What I did really get drawn to was etching but not to print with but the actual etched board itself. Etching with an electric tool is something I had never even heard of before but it ended up really exciting me. I’ve even brought etching into my subject work because of how much I enjoyed the process and outcome so much. I’m happy I chose the print workshop and with the techniques I’ve learned overall even though I’m doubtful that I’ll use what I’ve learned within my own practice. 
With everything I’ve learned over the last 8 weeks, I think etching is something I’ll hopefully be using more of within my work and now I’ve gained more confidence with drawing and I feel I’ve found a way of drawing, it’s something I want to keep working on and trying at even after the project has finished. 


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