daily drawings.

After looking into Bryan Lewis Saunders’ work I wanted to try my own daily portraits, here are a few of my  drawings for the first week. One of the reasons I’ve set myself this task is because I want to try and found my own drawing style, what I’ve learnt so far is I mostly stick to continuous line and prefer quick and simple drawings where you can only just work out what it actually is, kind of like an ambigram

As ive been looking into nontraditional self portraits ive tried use more then just pen and pencail drawings, ive give relief pringing ago which i did enojoy but i wasnt a 100% on the out come as it come out backwards from what a actaully drow. i also tried etching for the first time within my field project and i wanted to bring it into my subject work. Etching is something that ive really become fond of, not just with the final outcome but with the process.



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