Makeup Wipes.


looking back at the collection of used makeup wipes I was thinking about using my own photos within my work, as when I’ve taken a photo of myself more often then not i have had a full face of makeup on and then taken it off with a makeup wipe at the end of the day.

i only ever tend to take a photo of myself when I have a full face of makeup as it makes me feel more confident and better about myself, to some extent I will decide my self-worth for the day depending on the amount of makeup I wear. for example, I’m less likely to enter a high-end shop without a full face of makeup on as I almost don’t feel like a naked face isn’t worthy.

Makeup wipes. (nontraditional self portrait)

As i was thinking about nontraditional self-portraits I thought back on a project i started at the beginning of my first year but never continued into a piece of artwork, in said project I collected my used makeup which could be seen as a nontraditional self-portrait. makeup effects the modern day self-portraits (the selfie) and is almost used as a mask.

Throughout the ages of makeup people have always treated makeup differently from people wearing it to change the way they looking, to change the person they are or just to enhance beauty but I have always felt as if it’s a mask. I feel I can hide behind it or even be somewhat protected by it. Different ways I wear my makeup makes my feel completely different with who I am and my emotions that day.

And after a long day I took at my makeup with a wipe I came across the remains of my ‘mask’. I collected makeup wipe for a few weeks and just by looking at what was left on the wipe I could almost tell how I felt that day… The most bear wipe just had the evidence of a days worth of mascara, I could almost tell that it wouldn’t of been a great day and another one, seeing  thick black lines across it and a few different colours I could tell It was from either a party or a night out and I could somewhat feel the happiness I felt from the night I was wearing it.




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