Pembrokeshire Trip

When I found out I was put on the field project ‘things behind the sun’ which mainly revolves around drawing. To start odd we when on a four-day trip to Pembrokeshire and stayed at the YHA Pwll Derl. Monday 17th October to Thursday 20th October, we were set various tasks including completing 100 observation drawings of the landscape around us. I had mixed feelings about the trip, excited about going away for a few days out of the city yet dreading spending such a long time drawing. I have never really got much enjoyment out of drawing, as its not one of my strong points and I feel a lot of presser when  made to do it, but the end of the three days I almost started to enjoy it. We were also set other bigger tasks which really disinterested me.

We were asked to complete three panoramic observational drawings, where we had to sit in one spot and spin 360 stopping four times to draw the landscapes, along with this we were asked to do a series of micro and macro studies.

Even with a mix of high winds, cold air, uncomfortable sitting situations and losing my first piece of work to the wind I did end up finding some enjoyment in the takes.

In all I really found the trip memorable and inspiration and I feel I have built up a few skills I lacked before.


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