Mark Wallinger’s ID

To start off our subject work we had to identify an artefact, object or image from a museum or gallery, that inspires us to start off our body of work. It took me a good few weeks to pick a piece of work I wanted to work from, I looked through all my old photo from gallery and museum trips, When I came across my photos From  Wallinger’s ID exhibition at the Hauer and Wirth contemporary art gallery, I remembered how the exhibition really caught my eye. The scale of his work and the size of the room really blow me away. Each individual was  astounding but as a whole.

To start off i wanted to make a few of my own replications of Mark Wallingers work before moving into larger-scale pieces. Like Wallinger, I took hand fulls of paint and drew symmetrical lines, overlapping, smearing and making marks with my fingertips. Mark making and using my own body to draw is something I’ve never explored before.

When i saw Mark Wallingers id in person at the Hauser & Wirth gallery in London, the first thing people seemed to do is find objects within his work, i could see : scarab beetles, human bodies, skulls and animals. Looking  back I remember being mesmerized by the summary and scale. The canvas used were exactly measure twice Wallingers own height and arm span.

Looking further into Wallingers work, id is a exploration of Freud’s interpretation of id and ego, Wallinger is somehow a highly intimate self-portraits.



noun: id; plural noun: ids
  1. the part of the mind in which innate instinctive impulses and primary processes are manifest.

    “the conflict between the drives of the id and the demands of the cultural superego”


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