Sarah Louise and the pubic hair dress.

Sarah Louise Become well know for her dress made out of skittles. Now she has gone on to making an outfit out of other peoples pubic hair, donated to her over a six months period. After going to social media she had thousands of responses negative and positive. Her goal is to make the most vile and disgusting dress and has no plan on shopping.

I think in this era and generation people especially women are made to think pubic hair is dirty and should be removed no matter what. I believe it’s just another thing woman are expected to change for men.

Even as a young teen other girls would talk about how boys would never like a girl who has natural pubic hair and would completely shave even when that weren’t sexually active, this like they thought guys would just be repelled by what’s going on under a girls short?

Leg hair, arm hair, armpit hair, pubic hair should be allowed in any form, colour or even length. May men are free to go without shaving anything. In magazine you can easily find photos of men with hairy chest or armpit hair and a beard but within the same magazine you only see woman of they body hair removed or photoshopped off.


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